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The 70th anniversary of the establishment of the U.S. Federal Small Business Administration visited New York Chinatown merchants

[New Tang Dynasty News, Beijing time, August 1, 2023]The U.S. Small Business AdministrationOn the occasion of the 70th anniversary of its establishment, the Administrator a >Guzman started a small business inspection tour. On Monday, they arrived at New York Chinatown Chinatown.

U.S. Small Business AdministrationDirectorGuzman: “People want to eat these Chinese The food, the taste is incredible, these pot stickers are delicious."

On Monday, Guzman and his party visited the Sanmiwago Pot Sticker Shop in Manhattan’s Chinatown neighborhood, hoping to learn more about them through the inspection small business owners needs, thus promoting entrepreneurship and creating employment opportunities.

Jefferey Liu, the person in charge of the Sanmiwago Pot Sticker Shop, said that this time he applied for a US$50,000 loan from the federal government, mainly for entrepreneurial investment, including the purchase of equipment. When the store was being renovated, funds were tight. After applying for a loan, working capital was obtained within two or three weeks, which solved the urgent need.

With the help of the federal Small Business Administration, Sanmiwago has opened two stores and is currently continuing to select locations to open a third store to bring delicious food to more New Yorkers.

Guzman: "We are honored to be able to support communities with access to funding and technical assistance and everything they need to grow, develop and create jobs."

Administrator Guzman hopes that more financial assistance and support can be provided to the 33 million small businesses and start-ups in the United States to jointly create an innovative and prosperous economic environment.

NTDTV reporter Yu Liang reports in New York

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