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Top 'Inexpensive' Dumpling Spot, Robot Coffee Opens Midtown: Report
Posted Thu, Nov 30, 2023 at 4:34 pm ET

Sanmiwago Taiwan Dumpling House just opened a new Midtown location — with a cafe staffed by a cool Brooklyn robot barista.

The dumpling spot was named by the New York Times as a top affordable eat. (Peter Senzamici/Patch)

MIDTOWN, NY — A new outpost of a highly-ranked affordable dumpling house just opened in Midtown — along with a robotic barista, according to a report.

Sanmiwago Taiwan Dumpling House, named a top inexpensive restaurant by the New York Times in 2022, has opened a new location on Broadway near West 53rd Street, reports Eater NY.

In addition to what time the Times called "the freshest-tasting dumplings in Chinatown," inside of the dumpling house is a secret caffeinated robot surprise.

A location of Botbar, similar to a Greenpoint-based robot barista, will be using its two metal arms and the latest in automated coffee technology to serve up lattes alongside piping-hot fresh dumplings, Eater also reported.

You can learn more about Sanmiwago Taiwan Dumpling House by clicking here for their website, or visiting their new Midtown spot at 1695 Broadway.

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